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Association of Veterans
in Agriculture

About us

Who we are
The Association of Veterans in Agriculture (AVA) is a professional association and NGO committed to the improvement of the livelihood of veterans of the Anti-Terrorist Operation/Joint Forces Operation (aka Donbas War), and family members, who are engaged in agriculture.
Our goal
The goal is to satisfy and protect the social, economic and professional interests of AVA members engaged in agricultural activities; and promote their business interests at home and abroad.
Association of Veterans in Agriculture (AVA)
We make the lives of our defenders happier by working in our native land

Our mission

Consolidate the efforts of the state, donor organizations, volunteers, investors and other stakeholders to grow the business of conflict veterans;
Promote the social reintegration of ATO/JFO veterans through business skills training, access to financing and investment, and growth of social and market linkages.
Promote awareness, acceptance, and the well-being of ATO/JFO veterans and their family members in the local and regional community.
Our objectives
Informing about financial opportunities
Development of veteran agribusiness
Professional development of veteran`s agricultural businesses
Consolidation of donors and volunteer organizations to promote the development of the business environment
Establishment of business relations
Our founders and members
ATO/JFO veterans, combatants, volunteers, public associations of veterans.

Any veteran of Anti-Terrorist Operation/Joint Forces Operation or their closest family member who is engaged or interested in participation in agricultural business can become our member
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